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Welcome to my photo blog. Check back often to see what I’ve been up to lately – I won’t be writing much, but I can promise a lot of photos!


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Next show, Monday March 20

Click on the photo for more information and photos!

A5 Vernissage Poster

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Join me, Jan 7


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Anil and Angie get engaged!

Surprises are always fun – especially when we are talking proposals. And with perfect weather and a beautiful setting, Anil’s proposal to Angie could not have gone better! Here are some of the moments I captured from that evening…

web album - anil and angie(DSC_0367).jpgweb album - anil and angie(DSC_0383).jpgweb album - anil and angie(DSC_0385).jpgweb album - anil and angie(DSC_0389).jpgweb album - anil and angie(DSC_0392).jpgweb album - anil and angie(DSC_0422).jpgweb album - anil and angie(DSC_0435).jpgweb album - anil and angie(DSC_0479).jpgweb album - anil and angie(DSC_0481).jpgweb album - anil and angie(DSC_0489).jpgweb album - anil and angie(DSC_0520).jpgweb album - anil and angie(DSC_0523).jpgweb album - anil and angie(DSC_0531).jpgweb album - anil and angie(DSC_0537).jpgweb album - anil and angie(DSC_0544).jpgweb album - anil and angie(DSC_0548).jpgweb album - anil and angie(DSC_0573).jpgweb album - anil and angie(DSC_0580).jpgweb album - anil and angie(DSC_0586).jpgweb album - anil and angie(DSC_0596).jpgweb album - anil and angie(DSC_0605).jpgweb album - anil and angie(DSC_0609).jpgweb album - anil and angie(DSC_0623).jpgweb album - anil and angie(DSC_0633).jpgweb album - anil and angie(DSC_0636).jpgweb album - anil and angie(DSC_0647).jpg

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NEW: Marble Coasters

I am excited to announce that I am working with a local company in Ottawa to create marble coasters featuring my photos. Each set of 4 coasters is only $35!

I’ve already SOLD OUT of my Parliament Hill series, but plan on re-ordering soon. In the meantime take a look at my Canadiana and European Doors series. To make a purchase, go here:

Coaster products ad (canadiana).jpgCoaster products ad (doors).jpg

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#NoJoke Giveaway!

UPDATED: Congrats to Ashley on the win!



Click the photo below AND click here to throw your name into the draw.

Winner selected April 10th. Must be Canadian resident.
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That’s Roosevelt, Arizona – not the former President.

During my vacation in Phoenix this year, we decided to pretty much look at a map and drive to some place out of the city that we knew nothing about. Roosevelt was that place. With zero expectations I knew this was going to be a fun adventure.

About 100 miles outside of the city, we learned that this is actually the place where all the water in Phoenix comes from. There are a series of dams which regulate water for the desert region. The dam itself is quite incredible to see and it’s paired beautifully with a steel bridge that crosses the lake just in front of it.

Upon arrival at the Visitor Information Centre we learned first that there really is no town. The population is something like 30 people! When they decided to built the dam here and create Roosevelt Lake, the old town was flooded. We made the assumption that the small trailer park across from the visitor centre is home to those who work at the dam but aside from that it’s a pretty lifeless place! We even tried to find lunch at “a restaurant” down a lonely dirt road but turned around and sped back promptly to the main highway the moment we started to feel like we were in that movie The Hills Have Eyes

Suffice to say we skipped lunch that day and opted for an early dinner upon our return to Phoenix.

Plan for next time: pack a lunch.

Roosevelt AZ-0043-c77.jpgRoosevelt AZ-0048-c60.jpgRoosevelt AZ-0055-c62.jpgRoosevelt AZ-0057-c16.jpgRoosevelt AZ-0064-c37.jpgRoosevelt AZ-0070-c5.jpgRoosevelt AZ-0071-c56.jpgRoosevelt AZ-0076-c60.jpgRoosevelt AZ-0085-c65.jpgRoosevelt AZ-0094-c41.jpgRoosevelt AZ-0096-c74.jpgRoosevelt AZ-0099-c14.jpgRoosevelt AZ-0102-c52.jpgRoosevelt AZ-0103-c24.jpg

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Calgary, Kananaskis & Canmore

While I was in Calgary in December, I had the pleasure of trekking around with my camera. After googling “best places for photography in Calgary” I learned about the Rundle Ruins – the first hospital in the city. It’s located not too far from where the Calgary Flames play at the Saddledome but I had never come across it before. I spent a couple hours with my mom (who I also did a mini photoshoot with) taking in the ruins and the surrounding area.

A few days later I was hired by Pam and Sinisa to take their engagement photos in the mountains about an hour outside of the city. I had time to sneak in a few landscape shots amidst the shoot… Hope you enjoy!


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At the beginning of December, I decided to visit family in Calgary but I kept it a secret from most people… It turns out that when I arrived to surprise my grandma, my mom (aka Cathy) was there to surprise me from BC! I definitely get the photography gene from her so it was nice that the two of us were able to spend some time together. And, since photographers never have many pictures of themselves, here are some of the woman behind the camera…


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Sinisa and Pam

During my time in Calgary, I was able to spend some time with Sinisa and Pam. Fortunately for all of us, the weather was fantastic and we actually had to go into the mountains to find the snow since much of it had melted away in the city.

A huge congrats to both of these wonderful people!

Website album-0936.jpgWebsite album-0958.jpgWebsite album-0974.jpgWebsite album-0988.jpgWebsite album-1001.jpgWebsite album-1010.jpgWebsite album-1037.jpgWebsite album-1059.jpgWebsite album-1083.jpgWebsite album-1100.jpgWebsite album-1107.jpgWebsite album-1135.jpgWebsite album-1137.jpgWebsite album-1169.jpgWebsite album-1179.jpgWebsite album-1183.jpgWebsite album-1194.jpgWebsite album-1210.jpgWebsite album-1213.jpgWebsite album-1217.jpgWebsite album-1223.jpgWebsite album-1233.jpgWebsite album-1253.jpgWebsite album-1259.jpgWebsite album-1308.jpgWebsite album-1313.jpgWebsite album-1331.jpgWebsite album-1344.jpg

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Photos from 3rd Annual Vernissage

A big thank you to everyone who made it out to my 3rd Annual Vernissage on Thursday. The event was a huge success and I’m already looking forward to the next one!

If you were unable to attend but are interested in viewing the remaining art, I’ve posted it here for purchase. I am also pleased to announce that within the next couple weeks, you will be able to purchase prints through the website!

Here are some of the photos from the evening – thanks to John Babcock for the photography!

Vernissage 2015-0508.jpgVernissage 2015-0474.jpgVernissage 2015-0471.jpgVernissage 2015-0441.jpgVernissage 2015-0422.jpgVernissage 2015-0413-c66.jpgVernissage 2015-0408-c98.jpgVernissage 2015-0411-c30.jpgVernissage 2015-0424.jpgVernissage 2015-0434.jpgVernissage 2015-0438.jpgVernissage 2015-0460.jpgVernissage 2015-0485.jpgVernissage 2015-0497.jpgVernissage 2015-0498.jpgVernissage 2015-0403-c43.jpgVernissage 2015-0500.jpgVernissage 2015-0501.jpgVernissage 2015-0430.jpgVernissage 2015-0503.jpgVernissage 2015-0505.jpgVernissage 2015-0507.jpgVernissage 2015-0509.jpg

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